About Us

About Us

You obviously want to know more about the brilliant mind of the artist behind these masterful blends of art and humor. Or, you are have way too much free time on your hands.

I'm sometimes asked where the ideas for my cartoons come from. I usually reply that each cartoon in its entirety appears to me, vision-like, in my nightly REM sleep stage and I then wake up the next morning and simply draw it. And if it were that simple I might be a rich man today. In truth, creating a cartoon is a fairly laborious task that involves both drawing and wordsmithing . The right combination results when the text of the cartoon clearly explains the action going on, and the drawing not only syncs with but enhances what is being said or described.

I've always enjoyed creating cartoons, especially on the occasion when someone actually buys one (hint, hint). By the way, did I mention I sell these cartoons? Yes, hard to believe that each of these works of art can actually be obtained for a price, and for a smaller price than you might initially think , considering that each is, in fact, a masterpiece. We don't sell them through Sotheby's or Sachs since the price-fixing scandal broke. So the only way you can purchase them is by e-mailing me of your interest in one or multiple cartoons, and from there my assistant will respond to you concerning price and use. Oh, you didn't think such a modest website could support an "assistant" eh? Well, the term has some flexibility.

Happy Trails!

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